And melkor said unto sauron "stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself" But lo sauron could not, for melkor was hitting him with his own hands


I’m crying


Silmarillion___Melkor × Mairon(Morgoth × Sauron)

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Welcome to Middle-Earth  ☼  Anduin

Anduin was the Sindarin name for the Great River of Wilderland, also known as just The Great River, and to Éothéod, the ancestors of the Rohirrim as the Langflood.
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New Thranduil Poster aka I need medical attention (x


when your obsessive special interest suddenly changes and your blog followers are like wtf this isn’t what i signed up for

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My midterm for my thesis is this Thursday so I’m kind of panicking and trying to get new stuff finished for it T^T I rely on lines alot in my artwork and I don’t like to color in Photoshop so I’ve been trying to do paintings in SAI. And I guess all the digital practice in Photoshop has helped a lot since I feel capable of painting straight in SAI despite no pressure sensitivity (there’s none on SAI when using a Mac).

- Melkor

These are WIPs/Works in Progress:

- Celebrimbor

- Two Trees of Valinor

- Vana (I’m deciding whether to leave her alone or add Yavanna or Oromë)


Beleg for princessofhaumea.

Left to right: Mablung, Beleg, Turin, Nienor. 

I actually really like Mablung because he literally spends the entire time facepalming at humans never sitting tight in nice secure hidden kingdoms and avoiding the attention of dark lords like good sindar elves would.

Also to the anon who asked, all my colouring is done on the computer in photoshop.


More inktober fun

Mairon meets Melkor

I haven’t used pens or markers in aaaaaages. It’s fun getting back into it.

shoutout to those three followers who like and reblog literally everything you post


Whenever I have art block my style goes nuts and I used to beat myself up about it but now I tell myself it’s all cool. I can draw all of them and that’s awesome and experimenting is even more awesome. 

Just draw don’t worry about consistency. We’re not meant to be kept in a box. 

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